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Thank you for your desire to come serve the Lord here in Thailand! We're excited about your interest to join our team! We are always looking forward to growing our staff to fulfill the purpose God has given us! 



Thank you for expressing an interest in joining YWAM Trang as a staff member. There are a few points that we would like you to be aware of before beginning the application process. They are: 


Vision, Mission Method, and Values

It is essential to our mission that anyone interested in joining staff carries our vision, mission methods, and values as their own. Joining our team means uniting with us around these core commitments and taking full ownership of them on an individual level.

We are not an organization but a movement of people allied on these central points, therefore anyone aspiring to join our team must be of the same heart and mind in terms of our vision, mission methods, and values.


Language and Culture Phase

During your first 18-24 months in Thailand, you are strongly encouraged to first participate in a  Culture and Language (C&L) program. This phase of your transition to Thailand is designed to help establish a firm foundation of the Thai language and culture, as well as learn effective ways of how to minister to the Thai people. Your local C&L leader will work out the details of your C&L phase. 


Visa Information

Please be aware that there is a shortage of official missionary visa slots. YWAM Trang and the YWAM Thailand National Office will do their best to help you obtain a visa. In Trang, we are aware of opportunities to enroll in a Thai language learning school that can grant you a visa for 18 months. This will most likely be the first visa available to you. In addition, a new visa must be obtained every 12-15 months by applying in your home country or another country. Please be aware that the Thai Authorities' approval of your visa application is not guaranteed. 


Background Check

We as YWAM Trang desire to create a safe environment for all staff and students. Therefore, any interested applicant must submit a background check from their home country before receiving an invitation to join staff. 


Thanks for applying! We'll get back to you soon. 

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