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Japan Scouting Trip

Written by: Erik Gonzalez and Marie Parks

Translated by: Kwan Jitkhong

As many of you know, we as YWAM Trang have adopted “The Remaining Neediest Red” as our focus nations for outreaches and planting future ministries. By “the Remaining Neediest Red” we are referring to the nations in the 10/40 window that lack a gospel presence and are less than 2% Christian. YWAM is a missions movement from the nations to the nations. We desire to champion the next generation of believers into the harvest field, especially those places with the greatest gospel need: the unreached.  

Months ago our team discerned that God was asking us to take scouting trips within the Neediest Red to lay a much-needed foundation for future ministry work in these countries. After intercession and prayer as a team, our Scouting Trip locations were decided and 2-3 family team units were formed to visit these locations.

Many have asked us, “Why go on scouting trips if you are focusing on Thailand?” This is a great question! As YWAM Trang, our vision extends beyond the boundary lines of Thailand and this is so important to understand who we are and the vision the Lord has given to our ministry. In addition to discipling and mobilizing in our context of southern Thailand, we also have the mission method of GOING which we have summarized as “Regularly going on outreaches throughout Southern Thailand and our adopted nations sharing the Gospel in both word and deed.” 

We desire to champion the next generation of believers into the harvest field, especially those places with the greatest gospel need: the unreached. 

Stewarding and adhering to this value within our pioneering season as a ministry is critical. As we prepare to host our first DTS in 2025 and send out DTS outreach teams to these locations, we have realized the need to establish relationships with believers already laboring in these nations. By abiding by the value “Do first then teach” we will improve the quality and effectiveness of our short-term outreaches and also steward our love and commitment to the nations with the knowledge and experience that can only come from being physically present amongst those God is calling us to serve. 

Recently our first scouting team returned from their three-week visit to Japan, a nation of 127 million people with less than 1% being Christian. During this time they had the opportunity to connect with 4 YWAM Bases: YWAM Osaka, YWAM Hiroshima, YWAM Tokyo, and YWAM Yokohama. They learned much about the vision and ministries of these bases and gained a greater understanding of the local culture which will prepare us to send effective teams in the future. 

With two (potentially three) more scouting trips to other countries in this upcoming year, we at YWAM Trang are excited and honored to continue in the calling of knowing God and making Him known among The Neediest Red. We look forward to what he has for us as we obey the calling on our lives to: 

“Make disciples of every nation, by mobilizing, discipling, and going.”

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