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YWAM Trang, The Story

YWAM Trang is less of a “what” and more of a “who.” We are distinct, in that we come from different parts of the world. Yet we are so alike, in that we have a common goal; a vision of seeing Thailand transformed by the gospel and the unreached reached by the loving grace of Jesus. We are young and older alike, totally captivated with knowing God more and making him known. We have pledged allegiance not to institutions and organizations but to His kingdom advancement. We are men and women with nothing exceptional in ourselves, but simply committed to obedience: hearing and following God's voice joyously. It’s the image of whom we’ve set our eyes upon that reflects who we are and what we aim to accomplish in the city of Trang, the country of Thailand, and to the ends of the earth.

The DNA and spirit of YWAM Trang first started over 20 years ago when Brandon and Angela Oliver dedicated their lives to missions and embarked alongside the movement of young people known as YWAM in reaching the nations with the Gospel. Over the years, God solidified within the Olivers a steadfast character and radically obedient heart that would be prepared to lead the pioneering work of YWAM Trang today. Their family has poured out their lives in different countries, building up and pioneering ministries, teams, and bases. The mission and values our base carries today are a direct result of their intimate relationship with the Lord and their resolute obedience in listening to His vision for the least, the last, and the lost of Thailand.

In 1960 Loren and Darlene Cunningham, the founders of our mission, paved the way for not only the Olivers but thousands of others to give their whole-hearted “YES!” to God’s call in the nations. Now, 63 diligent years later, we find ourselves at a critical and sensitive moment, in not only YWAM’s history but in missions as a whole. God's war cry for the unengaged and unreached people of the earth is as loud as ever: “Whom shall I send? Who will go?” We as YWAM Trang say “YES!” and renounce the lure for any earthly ease. We embrace the vision of our elders: to see the Lord capture the heart of a defiant generation and partner with Him to catalyze yet another great movement of young people from the nations to the nations!

“We find ourselves at a critical and sensitive moment in not only YWAM’s history but in missions as a whole.”

Situated in the heart of Thailand’s southern region lies the city of Trang. With a history of gospel presence unlike its neighboring provinces, we believe Trang is sitting poised and ready to become one of Thailand’s greatest sending locations. It is our aim as a base to host and send teams throughout southern Thailand and our focus nations. We are praying and believing for Thailand to be transformed by the power of God from an unreached country into a major missionary sending location for all of Southeast Asia and beyond!

We are all living in a historical time. This is the final era of missions work, and the baton of the world's largest missions movement is being handed down. Yet there are still multitudes of tribes and tongues, peoples of all ages and languages, waiting at the ends of the earth for those bold enough to answer the command and promise of God. What will future generations say of our missional efforts? How will Christ come to find His bride? The Lord is seeking men and women who will gaze into the beauty of his eyes and find there a reflection like none other; an ocean of fiery passion that will reach the very ends of the earth with His Gospel. Will you join the movement? Will you join the wave?


Make disciples who make disciples…

who are then mobilized into their callings…

going into the nations!

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